2019 Judge’s Choice ADDY Award: UX/UI Design  |  2019 Gold ADDY Award: UX/UI Design

A colorfully designed and fully-coded webpage walking through the life of Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo


For this project, we were to create a webpage that depicts the process/history of something related to a topic of your interest.


Time: Fall 2018
5 weeks
HTML/CSS, Web Design, Illustration
Tools: Illustrator, Sketch, Dreamweaver

Frida Kahlo is one of my biggest creative inspirations in my work. I’ve always admired her influence and touch of her Mexican heritage in her paintings, and deeply resonated with that as my Vietnamese culture plays a large role in how I design. Kahlo’s ability to story tell through her self portraits was uniquely personal, helping her establish her voice as an artist. To portray her legacy and life as an artist, I created a webpage inspired by her culture. 
When creating a visual style for the web page, I pulled common shades found from images
of Frida Kahlo herself as well as her self portraits. While Kahlo is widely known for her use of color, I adjusted the palette to have some darker tones to embody her sophistication and delicacy in the way she carried herself throughout her lifetime. Because Kahlo was a painter and often hand wrote letters, I wanted to mimic the human touch in her work by hand drawing the illustrations, vector shapes, and type.
Mood Board + Styles

Secondary Typeface | Highway Gothic Expanded

Primary Typeface | Cardo

Tertiary Typeface | Handwritten

After refining the overall styles, mood, and images, I designed and coded a single-scroll web page telling the story and legacy of Frida Kahlo. I chose to use black and white images of Kahlo to help balance the myriad of visual styles applied.
Webpage Design