Terra is a fictional eCommerce company that curates high-end designer light fixtures


The goal of this project was to create a website for an eCommerce company that included a total of six pages: four desktop and two mobile. I chose to design for a fictional company called Terra.


Time: Fall 2019
Duration:  2 weeks
Skills:  Design Systems, Web Design,
High Fidelity Visual Design
Tools:  Figma

For this project, I was inspired by Old Style typefaces and print design seen in fashion magazines such as Vogue. Since Terra is high-end, I thought it would be interesting to mix sophisticated styles seen in the fashion industry with more sleek products. To blend these ideas together, I selected three different typefaces. The headline font, Forum, is a contem-porary twist on the classic serif typography often used in fashion brands. The secondary and tertiary fonts, Proxima Nova and IBM Plex Mono, help balance out the headline by bringing in a more modern touch to the overall type pairing. I chose a neutral color palette to keep the focus on the products and typography.

Inspiration + Styles

Using the simplistic yet classic style, I designed a total of six pages (four webpages and two mobile) for Terra. The neutral color palette allowed the variety of shapes in the products to stand out and typographic pairings helped bring out the mixture of old and new styles.

Web Design

Though the project timeframe was shorter, it allowed me to think about how to create simplistic design and what it means for an eCommerce site. It helped me break down elements and think about designing necessary components in a comprehendible way. It was initially challenging to design with existing photos and not edit them. However, I learned that what makes design effective and functional is how it can be applied across a multitude of products and photos that contain various color palettes, shapes, and scales.