Bit and pieces that don't quite fit anywhere else

A collection of other work including various projects, personal explorations, and play

An animated poster inspired by the quote, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not" from the Lorax. It was a fun challenge trying to figure out how to retain the playfulness and vibrancy of Dr. Suess's illustration style while putting my own twist to it.
The Lorax
Animated Poster
This motion graphic focuses on the current applications of artificial intelligence in our world today. The objective of the prompt was to use a large font family (I chose Univers) to showcase a topic of interest. The animation was created and edited entirely in After Effects.
Artificial Intelligence
Motion Graphic
A holiday card created for the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Urban Studies (CAUS). This card design is grid-based with the visual elements representing the main buildings of each sub-school within CAUS. It was produced with a metallic outline finish and sent out to over 800 families during the 2018 holiday season.
CAUS Holiday Card
A quirky poster exploring typefaces and type faces with various typeface letrasets. Shout out to my professor, Meaghan Dee, for letting me play with her typography materials. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun.
Letraset Poster
The Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business Women In Business (WIB) began a decade ago to bring awareness, engagement and thoughtful conversations to key aspects impacting the economy and positioning of roles. Their core vision is to support and heighten the awareness of women in business everywhere to ensure equality is reached. I created a logo for WIB's 10 year anniversary celebration called Decade of Difference. The colors were pulled from Virginia Tech's College of Business's established branding. This mark is currently being used at various Virginia Tech alumni and networking events around the nation.
Women in Business