Golden Cleats is a non-profit youth soccer league for special needs whose mission is to foster an inclusive and diverse environment for youth through the sport of soccer


For this project, our client was one of our classmates and we were to create three separate branding materials. My client was my peer Sydney, whose passion lies in developing inclusive environments with sports, specifically through youth soccer. I worked with Sydney daily to share my ideas and to ensure I was capturing the essence of GoldenCleats and her vision for it.


Time: Spring 2019
Duration: 3 weeks
Skills: Brand Identity, Web Design
Tools: Illustrator, Sketch

GoldenCleats is a non-profit youth soccer league for special needs whose mission is to foster an inclusive and diverse environment for youth through the sport of soccer. They their help players grow physically, mentally, and emotionally while instilling a lifelong passion.

The identity was inspired by the youthful spirit of the organization, capturing its goal to welcome, inspire, and excite young athletes today. The logo mimics the shape of the soccer field with emphasis on the corners representing the inclusion of the four categories of disabilities: hearing, cognitive/learning, motor, and visual. The letters "gc" represent the abbreviation of GoldenCleats and is paired with a period and underline to reflect the movement of a soccer ball.


I created secondary visual elements to help bring the brand to life. Since the non-profit is geared towards youth, I wanted to design assets that felt young, lively, and vibrant. To help implement the youthful tone, I thought back to my childhood and how I began creating. I started by taking scratch paper and freely cutting out shapes that inspired me. Then, I hand drew textures on top of the shapes with a marker to achieve a more organic nature and scanned them into Photoshop. This exercise helped me carry out the tangible feel that I wanted to create for the brand, bringing together the digital aspect of branding as well as the physical aspect of the sport of soccer itself. The color palette brought the visual elements together, creating a cohesive and fun branding system. The butterflies were designed as indicators for teams based on age range, representing ages 6 to 15 and the additional patterned elements are in the form of a pentagon, inspired by the shape of a soccer ball.

Textures +
Visual Elements

With the vibrant design system, I created a website and showcased how the styles could be applied in physical form as well. The website retains the youthful and welcoming visual feel and strives to excite parents or potential players to join. Users can view all information related to GoldenCleats on the website, including various programs, recent news, and how to join.

Website +
Other Applications

The client, Sydney, was pleased with the brand's visual playfulness. She believed that it captured the spirit of GoldenCleats in an unexpected, but fun way.

I had a wonderful time developing a system for GoldenCleats, as it gave me the opportunity to be inspired by how I started creating and how that can be applied to digital techniques I've learned over the years.